Philips PW1830

Philips PW1830
Double System Diffractometer

This PW1830 is a conventional, easy-to-use diffractometer, equipped with a Cu cathode. It is well suited for fast qualitative analysis of solid samples. The software interface allows the user to conduct quantitative study of powder and bulk samples. The first goniometer (point-mode is fitted with 4-crystal Ge monochromator, Open Euler Cradle (manual z) and receiving slits. It can be used for measuring rocking curves of crystals, stress and texture measurements. The second gionometer (line focus) is equipped with a set of divergence slits, MPSS cradle with a powder sample adapter and two sets of secondary optics. The first optic arm has receiving/ scatter/ soller slits and is used for collecting powder diffraction patterns and rocking curves from thin films (crystallography, phase identification). The second arm has collimator and a receiving monochromator that can be used for collecting high resolution powder diffraction patterns and measuring thin film thicknesses (reflectivity). This goniometer can also be fitted with an Anton-Parr TTK 450+LNC temperature variable stage capable of high (450°C) to near LN temperature.

XRD Scan Image

XRD scans on HF‐treated Rice Hulls for various time. The silica peak at 22 is removed by the HF