Usage Fees


Titan TEM – $100/Hr
Tecnai TF20 TEM – $70/Hr
Jeol 1011 TEM – $60/hr

Nova NanoLab DB – $62/Hr
ESEM – $50/Hr
EBL – $60/Hr

XPS – $50/Hr
XRD – $28/Hr
MRD – $36/Hr

Leica Confocal SP 5 – $30/hr

Assistance (basic) – $36/Hr

* Usage time starts to run when the user comes and takes control of the instrument and it ends when the user leaves and makes the instrument available. It includes the specimen loading, unloading, the equipment startup as well as any other required alignments


Contact Us


$100 per Basic Training session (per user) for ESEM/XPS/FIB/XRD/Confocal, Contact us for Titan/Others